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I did an interview with Lisa Beaton DiGeso for her Podcast « The Art & Soul Show » (listen to the podcast). We talked about fear and creativity. It was a very big challenge for me to do this interview in English. I was very nervous in the beginning but Lisa is very nice and kind. I am not a native English Speaker and I do not have opportunities to speak in English very often (I should find more opportunities to practice!). It was far to be perfect, but I did it and I am proud of it! “Done is better than Perfect!”. This experience gives me the courage to carry on, to be more brave and to embrace my fear without letting it take the decision for me! I strongly recommend you to follow The Art & Soul Show Podcast! This is a place of sharing and benevolence and it reminds you that you are not alone in your business.

Overcome our fears and be creative

What is fear?

Fear is an emotion and many times it’s not real, it’s just a perception of our own reality. Fear manifests in many different ways such as anger, deny, procrastination, anxiety, self-hate, negative inner voice, resentment, shame, not good enough, become complaisant, become a victim, etc.

In reality, we need fear. It’s a basic instinct for our survival. 

How to deal with fear?

Our brain thinks that fear means we are in danger and it wants to keep us safe. It believes what we think, our narratives, our thoughts, what other people told us, what we should do or how we should behave.

When we fear, we are very often overwhelmed by negative thoughts. But we can choose how we want to feel, we can learn to control these negative thoughts and replace them by positive ones. 

Every thought has a physical reaction in our body and it influences the way we control our fear by sending a message to our brain.

Fear and creativity

If we want to expand our creativity, we have to work outside of our comfort zone. We have to overcome the fear of failure. Adults are focused on goals achievements whereas children do not know the concept of failure. If they fail, they try and try and try again. When fear holds we back we are not creative, we get stuck, we do not evolve and we become competitive. When we try to kill off our fear, we often end up murdering our creativity in the process. 

If we want to be creative and move on, we have to change our pattern, our behavior to get another outcome. We have to embrace our fear and give us the permission to fail. We just have to enjoy the process and learn from our failures. 

If we accept the feeling of fear, it looses its power. So, the less we fight our fear, the less it fights back.

Being creative also means to overcome the fear to be different and criticized. It means to be brave enough to show our vulnerability.

Don’t let fear holds you back.  Don’t let fear decides your future!


2021 Newborn and Maternity Retreat (by The Milky Way)

If you want to push your boundaries in Pregnancy photography, I realized a video for the 2021 Newborn and Maternity Retreat, organized by The Milky Way (from Lisa Beaton DiGeso). In this video I « shatter the notion that hard light is “bad” by creating stunning maternity portraits, using 5 different lighting schemes that include hard light to create different moods. You will see that there are infinite creative possibilities with hard light! ».

I strongly encourage you to work outside of your comfort zone. Be creative, be different, show your vulnerability and show your unique voice! JUST BE YOU

The 2021 Newborn and Maternity Retreat also includes 20 other different courses about Newborn wrapping, posing, lighting, styling, marketing, etc

Use this link to buy the video:  bit.ly/3mKhb8L

Books recommandation

Here are three books that I strongly recommend to help you to overcome your fear:

  • The Artist’s Way (Julia Cameron)
  • Big Magic (Elizabeth Gilbert)
  • The pressure principle (Dr Dave Alred MBE)